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Working with Legend

Legend Club Management Systems are the fastest growing provider of leisure management software to leisure operators in the public, private and educational sectors … and we are their preferred installer and maintainer of access control equipment throughout the UK and Ireland.  

This is a relationship based on long-term mutual trust after many years of working closely together on a wide range of customer projects, such as LA Fitness, Parkwood Leisure and Lancaster University.  Together, our joint portfolio now covers more than 500 sites … and is growing every week.

We work closely with Legend to help leisure operators install and secure new-build sites, to expand existing installations, to non-disruptively refresh older equipment, and to migrate from older software systems to Legend whilst preserving as much of their existing equipment as we can.  And once installed, we are there to provide a full maintenance service that keeps the access control equipment working reliably day after day, night after night.

In addition, we regularly provide valuable customer and other operational insight into Legend’s continuing software development programme, thus making sure that their products just get better and better.

All in all, it is a powerful partnership that benefits Legend, ourselves, and … of course … our customers.

If you have Legend Club Management Systems software, or are thinking of installing it, make sure that you talk to us to get the very best advice on managing your access control equipment.

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